Down to Here is:  

Jeremy "Turbo" Ehrig-Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Shawn Fredieu-Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin

Craig Lewin-Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

For bookings, contact Shawn Fredieu at (402) 601-8451 or by email at

photos courtesy of Becky Wees (B & W) and Matt Matsui (Color)

Upcoming dates

10/15 - Shawn Fredieu - solo acoustic

Firewater Grille

70th & Grover

Omaha, NE


10/16 - Shawn Fredieu

solo acoustic

Westside Lounge

Harlan, IA


10/18 - Down to 2 (Shawn & Jeremy)

Twisted Tail

Beebetown, IA